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I was walking on the beach this past weekend. It was a lovely day - the sun was shining, the seagulls flying around looking for food, making their distinctive call. The waves were 2-3 feet and breaking about 75 feet off the beach. Children and surfers alike were having a good time in the bluish-green water. I felt the warm water lap at my feet as I walked along the shoreline.

I saw an adorable child running back to his family's place on the beach. Dad was helping his youngest daughter build a sand castle. He was on his knees, digging into the grainy sand, helping to build a very fine castle. One of the children was eating what looked to be a very soft, juicy peach.

I heard the sound of a small airplane carrying one of those banners that flap in the wind behind the plane. Both the children and adults looked up, squinting in the sun, to see what was on the plane. I too looked up to see what was so interesting.

It was a plane with a banner

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