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Responsive Design

Did you know that if your site is not able to be seen on Iphones and Samsung Galaxy S5's and S6's that Google will PENALIZE you in the search engines?  

Do you still have Flash on your site?  Your site won't even load on most browsers.  

Your website needs to be able to be seen on all different kinds of browsers, devices, and be responsive enough to be able to still show if a customer has "read all websites at a large font" specified in their settings.  We at LAD Web Design design sites that can be seen in all types of settings.  

Easy To Update

If you can't remember the last time that you updated your website, maybe it's a good time to check that it's still there and make sure that some Turkish hackers haven't taken it over.  Hey, it has happened to some of the major companies in the U.S. who should have known better.  Do you have a backup of your site?  Is your site easy to change?  Suppose you move your office or change your phone number.  How easy is it for YOU to login and just make some simple changes to your site?  

There are many web design companies out there who design websites for customers using a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla, and then don't let them or instruct them on how to login to the administrative end and update their site.  We design a site and instruct you on how to make changes to your site.  

The Changing Internet

There are a phenomenal amount of changes that the internet has been going through in the past few years.  You would be shocked and surprised to see the amount of coding that goes on behind the various web sites that you see.  In a bizarre twist, now you can update your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even have Periscope record a video to your Twitter account.  There are lots of new and unusual ways to get your company noticed and gain customers.


Social Media

Do you have a bad review on Yelp or Trip Advisor?  Should you ignore it, or should you fire back a heated response denouncing that the customer even stopped in to the store.  Taking the high road and presenting a positive, united front in all of your social media dealings is definitely a delicate balancing act.  We at LAD Web Design can help provide you with impartial advice to make sure that you gain the trust of customers and clients without alienating them.  

Get Your Free Report

Download this FREE report from us that will give you some tips and tricks to getting what you want from your website designer and hosting company.  Bonus features include all new information on the new domain names available such as .video, .news, .bank, .attorney and many more. Tell us about your company by contacting us HERE and we'll provide a free report as to how you can get more from the web.  

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